Swiss Banks

Whether there is an economic or political storm (or even war) raging outside the borders of this landlocked nation, Swiss Banking has developed a well-earned reputation for complete discretion, professionalism, security and privacy at all times. Irrespective of external conditions, Swiss Financial Institutions maintain their ethos of business as usual and work to augment the fortunes of their depositors. It is this quiet authority and expertness that affords confidence in their clientele and has helped this OFC develop its offshore accounts further and maintain their position as the world leader in offshore entities.

Consummate professionals, providing a complete offshore service with multilingual banking consultants, fully conversant with all banking legislation, to aid all nationalities and situations has been the foundation blocks supporting this great offshore jurisdiction.

Swiss Banking Myths

It has been perceived that Swiss banking has been the province of only the most affluent individuals. This may have been true at one time but now this is a misconception. Certain Swiss Bank Accounts in certain institutions are now available to anyone with as little as £100,000 to deposit. The remainder of Swiss banking institutions will accept deposits from £500,000. It is also not the case that Swiss financial institutions have a ‘hands off’ policy. Swiss Banks like to build strong, long-lasting relationships with their investors / depositors and are acutely aware of the need to tailor their services to suit the requirements of their customers.

Swiss Banking Deposits

As mentioned above, many of the Swiss financial institutions will allow you to open an offshore account with a minimum deposit of £100,000. There are, however, an increasing number of Swiss Banks that will accept less than this amount. Banking in Switzerland is becoming increasingly flexible as the banks recognise the need to help and develop clients. They understand that there is potential to grow with the client and, therefore, will accept smaller amounts than the standard minimum.

Swiss Bank Accounts need to be set up using an introducer, if the jurisdiction is not being visited. The Offshore Company UK has excellent relationships with the banking institutions in Switzerland, developed over the last 30 years, and using an eligible medium such as ourselves facilitates and expedites the process of setting up a Swiss Account.

All that is required is for the client to provide the introducer with the application documentation and due-diligence information which will then be submitted to the Swiss bank. Upon creation of the account, many of the Swiss Financial Institutions will send a representative to meet with the client to discuss financial objectives. Based upon this meeting, the bank will act upon this discussion to aid in the implementation of the client’s financial plan.

As with any financial decision, it is imperative to conduct extensive research and accumulate knowledge before acting. Selecting the right offshore Swiss bank account setup is, perhaps, an even more important decision. The Offshore Company UK works with numerous Swiss Banks and is able to offer potential account holders a wealth of information on the available accounts and services of each financial institution. These OFC’s then work with the clients from designing the account structure, to agreeing the initial deposit to creating a custom portfolio based upon the customer’s financial needs.

The Offshore Company, with its 30 years experience, can assist you to develop your offshore banking requirements today by telephoning one of our offshore consultants to discuss your objectives.