Belize Offshore Companies

Ensure complete offshore privacy and protection with a Belize IBC and Belize Bank Account.
Located in Central America, neighbouring Guatemala and Mexico, Belize is a highly effective offshore financial centre. Belize International Business Company (Belize IBC) legislation provides substantial benefits of incorporating offshore when Belize company formation takes place and that company operates outside of the island’s territory.

The Offshore Company UK has developed highly effective relationships with the large, secure banks in Belize. Part of our services include providing you with the legally-required local registered agent to form your Belize Corporation. Additionally, we can also offer you a local office management service which means that you have a physical address to put on stationery and documentation, plus a Belize telephone number, fax number and a letter forwarding service.

One of the major benefits of having a Belize Company Offshore is that you can have a Belize bank account that is in the name of your private Belize Corporation. This Belize bank account will not be in the name of the principles / individuals / members of your offshore company. This means that your Belize Corporation can transact business with other countries or shield funds from those who intend to take legal action against you or merely to store funds for a future emergency.

Belize Offshore Company Services

1. The Belize IBC is only £795
2. The Belize bank account is only £195
Total: Only £990
For the above offshore company incorporation costs, bearing in mind you are satisfied with the offshore operating formalities you will receive your articles of incorporation, business memorandum and corporate seal. Additionally, we will establish an offshore bank account in a secure and trusted Belize bank.