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The Offshore Company UK is an Offshore Investment Company with nearly 30 years of overseas investment experience, working with offshore jurisdictions. Throughout that time, we have helped our clients, both corporate and individual, to protect their assets through market-savvy investing and, therefore, attain the maximum return upon their overseas private investments.

Instructing offshore investment companies to undertake your investing offshore can be a very attractive option for the discerning investor who would like to explore and invest in markets outside of the UK by acquiring overseas private investments. The use of such a medium facilitates a number of benefits of offshore investments including the shielding of the investments from onerous capital gains taxation. Additionally, it provides for the augmentation of assets within a confidential, secure investment that is not governed by the rules and regulations of the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom.

Whilst the common perception might be that offshore investments are associated with a substantial amount of risk due to being in less sophisticated environments or jurisdictions, these popular misconceptions are terribly inaccurate. Overseas investment vehicles are usually found in jurisdictions that have quite complex rules and regulations which determine how investments are managed within their ‘waters’. It is important to remember that these are often the same offshore financial centres that rely heavily upon offshore capital for their banking institutions and, as a result, are terribly concerned about maintaining their reputations as offshore investment locations with low levels of regulation and high levels of privacy, discretion and confidentiality.

Choosing your offshore investment company is paramount to ensuring that good advice is being obtained and, crucially, an excellent ROI attained. A well constructed, balanced portfolio of investments is vital to remain correctly target and, hence, ensure success. But the advice doesn’t stop there. Just like our cars need regular maintenance and an MOT, the investment portfolio needs updating as the financial markets adjust according to world economies and also due to internal fluctuations. Assessments at least every 6 months, with a full financial MOT once every 12 months is essential to maintain the growth of your portfolio.

The Offshore Company UK works closely with its clients to obtain a detailed understanding about their investment and financial objectives so that the best possible offshore advice can be given.

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Past performance is not a guide to future performance. The value of investments may fall as well as rise.