Offshore Trust Jurisdictions

There are a few offshore jurisdictions that are immediately evident when Offshore Asset Protection planning is involved. When it comes to offshore trust benefits, namely offshore trusts and companies, the Cook Islands, Nevis, Isle of Man and Belize are the preferred option for a number of reasons. The legislation in these offshore jurisdictions can provide an unparalleled level of protection between your assets and a creditor or court judge. These offshore financial centres have strong privacy and confidentiality regulations which favour the offshore trust beneficiaries and when legal structures are integrated with offshore bank accounts and companies, the trust assets are protected from seizure. Experts claim that in order to be 99.9% judgement-proof, an Offshore Trust in certain jurisdictions is a key facet of your asset protection plan.

Prudence dictates that a combined offshore and onshore (domestic) strategy should be considered. This is where an individual’s domestic assets, both safe and high risk in nature, are owned by domestic UK / EU Limited Partnerships, where the general partner is an offshore company. An offshore trust can also provide all of the benefits of a domestic trust that can own your domestic Limited (Liability) Company, which, in turn, owns your business or property investments. A Cook Islands Offshore Asset Protection Trust owns a Nevis LLC that, in turn, owns an offshore bank and brokerage account in Switzerland, for instance. As you can see, the offshore trust is an integral and, quite possibly, the most important component of this asset protection plan and should be combined with an offshore company and bank account to ensure fully safeguarded assets.

As these are highly important matters that deal with financial stability and security, it is imperative to get effective offshore advice and guidance. The offshore entities must be correctly established in order to provide the complete asset protection that require. It is essential that you seek experienced, professional assistance to learn about the many facets and strategies involved in operating offshore. The Offshore Company UK facilitates many offshore asset protection plans each day, and is a world leader in incorporating offshore. Telephone us today and allow us to answer your questions and help you to devise an effective offshore trust setup plan for securing your financial future