Bahamas Company Offshore

Located off the south coast of Miami, the islands of the Bahamas have been a prime location for the formation of offshore companies. Since the passing of the International Business Companies (IBC) Act in 1990, thousands of Bahamas IBC’s have been created to help manage and protect assets. A Bahamas IBC enables the principal / individual to transact business globally with complete anonymity and privacy. In addition to this key benefit, forming a Bahamas Company Offshore means complete freedom from tax. Incorporating in the Bahamas means that the corporation, the owner and the shareholders are exempt from all Bahamian taxes and exchange controls for an incredible 20 years from incorporation.


Benefits of Bahamas Incorporation

With its 30 years of experience offshore, The Offshore Company UK will form a Bahamas IBC speedily and efficiently. When the Offshore Bahamas Company is established, we will provide you with complete documentation including Bahamian Acts and Legislation governing International Business Corporations. In addition, we highly recommend opening a Bahamas bank account along with your Bahamas Corporation and can conduct this for you. Incorporating in the Bahamas ensures the following benefits are enjoyed:

  • Complete Anonymity
  • No Corporate Income Tax
  • No Personal Income Tax
  • No information sharing
  • Stockholders are not public record
  • No Tax on corporate shares
  • Low annual fee
  • A Bahamas Bank Account Opening Service is Available

Bahamas Offshore Company Services

In addition to the aforementioned benefits of having a Bahamas Corporation, we can also offer a virtual office service. Private letterboxes, fax number and facilities and messaging services can be supplied to keep your offshore office functioning smoothly. Our substantial experience in this Offshore Financial Centre means that the process of incorporation in the Bahamas is fluid and efficient.

For a completely confidential and private offshore corporation, the Bahamas is an ideal offshore location.

Alternative Offshore Locations in the Caribbean

The British Virgin Islands and the island of Nevis are prime alternative locations to setup a company in the Caribbean if the Bahamas does not meet your requirements.