Offshore Tax Haven Locations

There are numerous Offshore Tax Havens and Offshore Financial Centres around the world. Some are politically and economically stable and some are not. In order to guarantee effective asset protection, it is essential to select a stable and secure offshore jurisdiction in which to house one’s finances. The following quick guide to offshore tax havens, covers the most popular and most secure offshore financial centres.

European Tax Havens

Switzerland is considered by many to be the premier offshore financial centre. Being a landlocked country, the term ‘offshore’ strikes as a little bizarre. But for large deposits and substantial assets, it is one of the most secure and stable offshore jurisdictions in the world.

The Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey, Gibraltar, Lichtenstein and Luxembourg are tax havens which are also located within Europe. They also provide ease of access to European residents / companies looking to avoid tax.

Caribbean Tax Havens

The British Virgin Islands introduced a great entity – the BVI IBC. This company is quick easy to set up and has exemption from tax for 20 years!

Nesting in the Caribbean, the Bahamas is a group of 700 islands which is located between Florida and Cuba. The Bahamas provides very strong asset protection. It boasts detailed legislation written to protect offshore investors.

Barbados is also a tax haven which has enticing tax legislation. As such, it offers various tax haven benefits such as low rates of tax and great financial privacy.

North American Tax Havens

Believe it or not, the USA has its own tax havens. Each state can set its own tax level. So, places like Delaware and Alaska are able to use this to their advantage and attract offshore companies and offshore investors. Delaware is perfect for certain types of financial needs. So, an offshore consultant would be able to tell you if Delaware is the offshore financial centre for you.

Central American Tax Havens

These include Belize and Panama. Small OFC’s in comparison to some of the longer established offshore jurisdictions. These tax havens have quite a lot to offer in terms of asset protection and reduced taxation.

Remember: all tax havens were not created equal. Thus, an experienced advisor is essential. They can help to ensure that you are selecting the right offshore jurisdiction for your financial needs and protection. The Offshore Company UK can provide advisers to help with corporate tax havens.  Additionally, we can provide information relating to individual asset protection.