Bank Account Costs

Offshore Bank Account Tariffs & Fees

Offshore bank accounts are frequently opened under the name of an offshore company. The reason for this is the increased privacy as all banking transactions, if traced, would be under the name of the offshore company, not the client. Establishing an offshore bank account in this way could cost between $550 to $750, plus the cost of setting up the offshore company. An offshore company typically costs between $1585 and $3,495. So, one could expect the total offshore account costs to be about the $2135 to $4,245 for both.

It is essential that any potential owner of an offshore bank account should research the necessary information to make a strong, informed decision when proceeding with an offshore bank account setup and forming an offshore company. With 30 years experience in the Offshore Services Industry, we strongly recommend that you contact an offshore advisor for help in selecting the right offshore jurisdiction (OFC), offshore banking institution and company types for your requirements.

Offshore Bank Accounts have to be opened with an initial deposit to activate the account. Although, some offshore provider’s bank account types, fees, interest rates, etc. vary, most offshore financial institutions (OFC’s) have competitive costs and a high level of bank account security. Additionally, the interest rates tend to be higher than in the UK and EU, providing an extra benefit for those saving abroad. Process fees, courier charges and various small costs (for notary, etc.) will be incurred during the process of establishing an offshore bank account. The Offshore Company UK has helped thousands of individuals and companies open private banking accounts, offshore companies and corporations and can assist you in establishing the right offshore vehicles for you.

Discover what offshore jurisdiction and which offshore bank is right for you. Telephone one of our offshore services consultants to discuss your requirements or, alternatively, fill out the enquiry form and we will contact you directly.