Offshore Bank Account Setup

Setting up an offshore bank account is simple: just talk to one of our offshore bank account consultants. We would be delighted to assist you and we will provide you with all of the information you need to set up an offshore bank account. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to go direct to the offshore financial centre of your choice and open an offshore bank account yourself. The majority of offshore banks require an eligible introducer – this is an individual or company which already has a relationship with the offshore bank. The Offshore Company UK is an eligible introducer for many offshore financial centres and financial institutions throughout the world and can perform this service for you.

The documentation that may be required when setting up offshore bank accounts includes:

  • Application forms with original signatures
  • Valid passport copy or driver’s licence
  • Banking references
  • Corporate legal documents

Offshore banking institutions have different requirements to those of the UK. Once the offshore bank account has been processed, confirmation and details are sent typically via email. The offshore bank will then wait for transfer of your initial deposit in order to activate your new account. There are some expenses that will be incurred: opening fee, charges for additional banking cards (if applicable), courier fees and other such expenses. Again, these will vary between offshore banks.

Once the offshore bank account is activated, generally you will receive online access to allow you to create your user account and password details. You may also receive such items as a digital signature device, test key table and other facilitating tools to allow you to access your account balance and perform transactions quickly, easily, privately and securely using inbuilt offshore bank account security methods. Feel free to contact us about establishing one in an offshore account in international financial institution.

The Offshore Company UK has aided thousands of customers throughout the world to set up offshore banking and to establish private banking accounts and asset protection plans. Any trusted provider that has developed close working relationships with the right offshore jurisdictions should be able to conduct these services for you.