What are Offshore Investments?

Offshore investments are funds that are invested outside of the United Kingdom, often in tax havens which may be less regulated than the UK. This investing offshore allows greater freedom for the investor and the potential for greater return. They are often conducted by an offshore investment company as there is a wide portfolio of investments on offer. These overseas private investments can take the form of:

  • Hedge funds – these thrive in low regulatory jurisdictions,
  • Offshore Investment Funds – these allow affordability, guaranteed levels of regulation, diversification which offers greater stability, and variety.
  • Overseas Mutual Funds – if Europe-based, these would be subject to adherence to the European Union Directive, UCITS.
  • Offshore Investment Bonds
  • Offshore Unit Trusts
  • Offshore portfolio bonds – which combine an insurance contract with a bank account to facilitate investment in many different vehicles.
  • Offshore property funds
  • And many others

Although sometimes seen as a vehicle for protecting illegally acquired money because of the level of privacy they offer, investing offshore and offshore accounts shield legitimate, high-earning individuals from the financial pressures and constraints of the United Kingdom. Moreover, offshore investments are completely legal and regulated by the jurisdictions in which they are held. Individuals living abroad, those concerned with their financial privacy and and those interested in protecting their assets legally are those that request our services. Our discerning clientele may merely wish to benefit from a reduction in taxes, prefer to remain discrete in their financial affairs because of family arrangements, or have an interest in expanding their investment portfolio beyond the shores of the UK in order to gain a better return on investment.

To learn more about offshore investment locations, who should invest and other private financial tools & information, speak to an Offshore Company UK Investment specialist, or request a consultation by email today.

Past performance is not a guide to future performance. The value of offshore investments may fall as well as rise.

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