Swiss Banking Setup

Once the offshore jurisdiction has been selected and Switzerland chosen, it is imperative to review and opt for the banking institution that suits your financial needs. The set up of your offshore Swiss bank account can be done in a number of ways, and will further depend upon the financial institution decided upon. Most Swiss Banks offer a variety of services and Swiss offshore accounts but all are instilled with the discretion that this offshore location is famous for. If you use the services of an introducer, previously vetted by the banking institution, the process of opening a Swiss bank account is swift and easy. The need to travel to the offshore jurisdiction is negated if an introducer which has relationships with the institutions, such as The Offshore Company UK, is used.

The Offshore Company UK specialises in protecting the financial interests of its clients through designing effective offshore asset protection strategies including Swiss offshore accounts. After an in-depth financial needs analysis, we can recommend offshore banks, such as Swiss Banks, in which to house your money and assets to ensure complete safeguarding, confidentiality, security and privacy. If you wish, we can then facilitate the entire process of setting up the Swiss bank account for you to make this part of your financial plan quick, easy and highly efficient, requiring no effort on your part.

Our representatives visit Switzerland regularly to meet with the Swiss Banks. Over the years, we have developed strong, highly effective relationships with banking institutions in Zurich and Geneva. The Offshore Company UK can help you to establish an effective offshore strategy, that may include Swiss offshore accounts for example, that will effectively safeguard your assets.