Swiss Bank Account Costs

The offshore jurisdiction of Switzerland has numerous banking institutions which offer a wide range of services to its clientele, whether they are private individuals or companies. Opening a Swiss Bank Account is a straightforward process and bank account costs range from as little as £175 – £275, plus your initial deposit of funds. Typically, the interest rates are higher in Switzerland than in the UK and the rest of Europe and the offshore banking fees are competitive with any onshore bank. The interest rates of managed Swiss offshore accounts are between 8% and 15% per annum. Additionally, in keeping with modern EU banks, most Swiss financial centres offer features such as online banking and investment strategy planning.

Some of the Swiss Banks have a minimum deposit requirement, with the majority of opening deposits starting from about £100,000. There are some Swiss banking institutions, however, that work with smaller capital deposits. The higher the deposit / funds in the offshore account, the greater the flexibility of the bank with regards to banking fees and costs, without compromising security and privacy.

As with any offshore banking jurisdiction, each financial institution contained therein has a different value proposition. This allows flexibility and full choice for the investor / depositor and enables the ‘best fit’ of Swiss Banks for the individual financial requirements. Selecting the right offshore bank for you is vitally important as the security and profitability of your finances are at stake. The Offshore Company UK can advise you and aid your selection of Swiss offshore banking provider to ensure your financial needs are being met.