Who Would Have Offshore Investments?

Although offshore investments have traditionally been seen only as the province of the extremely wealthy, many individuals and, indeed, companies choose to invest offshore. There is usually a minimum amount when investing offshore, dependent upon the offshore financial centre or investment location selected, but that sum is relatively small to anyone who would be concerned about amount of tax payable on investments and, indeed, Return On Investment.

It is interesting to note that an increasing number of families are now realising the benefits of incorporating offshore in order to save for their children’s essentials such as school fees and university funds and employing offshore investment companies to effectively facilitate this crucial wealth management task.

Overseas private investments can be as stable and secure as any onshore fund and, naturally, have the same associated investment risk-benefit scale. They provide added value to any investment strategy by offering the portfolio a number of benefits, not least:

· added diversification of investment type / blend,

· flexible investment vehicles not available in the UK jurisdiction,

· the potential for substantial savings in capital gain and dividend taxes.

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Past performance is not a guide to future performance. The value of investments may fall as well as rise.