Offshore Company Incorporation Costs

As previously mentioned, with any offshore company incorporation there are fees and costs to be paid to the government office within the jurisdiction such as: the license division; compliance division; statutory regulatory agency; and others. These comprise the entire cost of forming and incorporating your offshore company. In some jurisdictions, the notary, courier and small administration fees are included in the cost of incorporating. The list of offshore company costs, below, represent the totals of all of the costs of incorporating your overseas entity in the different offshore financial centres.

Nevis is an immensely popular jurisdiction with many offshore company benefits due to some of the strongest privacy and asset protection statutes in the world, in addition to the ease of set-up and cost effectiveness. To quote a sample, company formation offshore could cost anywhere between £795 / €1,195 in Nevis and £8220 / €12,225 in China depending upon where you are incorporating and the offshore company formation of the business entity(s). These figures are “package” costs which include all of the government filing / registration fees, legal requirements and set-up costs, including incorporation service agent costs.

The Offshore Company UK has developed very strong relationships with foreign government officials over the last 30 years and we hand deliver your prepared documents to the government office for recording to enable priority filing for our clients. We employ highly trained professionals in our offices around the globe to ensure the highest possible service to our clients. We personally deal with your incorporation at each stage of the process, no matter which offshore location you choose to incorporate in.